Kathy M. Carbone

Postdoctoral Scholar and Lecturer
Department of Information Studies


Kathy Carbone is a Lecturer and Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) currently working on the Refugees Rights in Records (R3) Initiative. Her research interests focus on the intersection of archives, broadly conceived, with contemporary art practices, memory, forced migration, social justice, and human rights. Formerly the CalArts Institute Archivist and Performing Arts Librarian for over a decade and a contemporary dancer and choreographer for over 25 years, Carbone received a Ph.D. in Information Studies from UCLA, MLIS in Academic Librarianship from Kent State University, MA in Dance and Music and BFA in Dance from Ohio University.

Research and Scholarly Interests

  • Contemporary art practice and archives
  • Documenting and archiving performance
  • Archives, human rights, and social justice
  • Forced migration, art, and memory
  • Participatory archiving
  • Digital community archives




Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Carbone, Kathy. “Dear Sister Artist: Activating Feminist Art Letters and Ephemera in the Archive.” Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies. (in press)

Carbone, Kathy. “A Collection and its Many Relations and Contexts: Constructing an Object Biography of the Police Historical/Archival Investigative Files.” Journal of Documentation. (under review)

Carbone, Kathy. “Archival Art: Memory Practices, Interventions, and Productions.” Curator: The Museum Journal. (under review)

Gilliland, Anne J. and Kathy Carbone. “An Analysis of Warrant for Rights in Records for Refugees.” The International Journal of Human Rights (2019).

Carbone, Kathy. “Surveillance to Art: ‘Flipping Around the Paranoia,’” in “Information/Control:  Control in the Age of Post-Truth,” eds. James Lowry, Stacy E. Wood, and Andrew J. Lau. Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies 2, (2018).

Carbone, Kathy Michelle. “Artists and Records: Moving History and Memory.” Archives and Records 38, no. 1 (2017): 100-118.

Wood, Stacy, Kathy Carbone, Marika Cifor, Anne Gilliland, and Ricardo Punzalan. “Mobilizing Records: Re-framing Archival Description to Support Human Rights.” Archival Science 14 (2014): 397-419.

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

Gilliland, Anne J. and Kathy Carbone. “Movement and Transformation: Teaching to the Fourth Dimension.” In Defining a Discipline: Archival Research and Practice in the 21st Century, edited by Elizabeth Yakel and Jeannette Bastian. Society of American Archivists, (2019). (in press)

Encyclopedia Entries

Carbone, Kathy. “Jeannette A. Bastian.” In Encyclopedia of Archival Writers (1550-2015), edited by Luciana Duranti and Patricia C. Franks.  Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, (2019).



INF STD 289-1: Performing Arts Librarianship

INF STD 438B: Archival Description and Access Systems

INF STD 289-3: Archives and Art-Making

University of Maryland, College Park

INST 729F: Follow the Fringe: Documentation and Preservation of Cultural Movements in Media (with Professor Mary Edsall-Choquette)


CCSE 581/481: Archives and Art-Making

MHST-703-01: Performer-Composer: History & Aesthetics (with David Rosenboom)

MD702: Methodologies for Music Research and Writing

AGRA 485B-01 Public Projects Series: CalArts Design School/Program History Archive (with Louise Sandhaus)

ID540: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Performing and Visual Art-Making through Improvisation and Research (with Vinny Golia)

Upcoming Talks

Digital Equity for Marginalised and Displaced Peoples. ASIS&T 82nd Annual Meeting, Melbourne, Australia, October 19-23, 2019. 

Research and Advocacy for Marginalised Communities and Displaced Peoples. Designing the Archive, Australian Society of Archivists (ASA), Adelaide, Australia, October 21-25, 2019.

Steps Toward A Community-Based Participatory Digital Archive for Artworks Related to Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experiences. Community Informatics Research Network (CIRN) Conference, Monash University Centre, Prato, Italy, November 6-8, 2019.

Current Projects

Coming Soon

The Amplification Project: Digital Archive for Forced Migration, Contemporary Art, and Action 

A community-led, participatory digital archive that preserves, connects, promotes, and raises the visibility of artworks and projects relating to refugee experiences and forced migration